Welcome to the EZlibrary - a library of selected open source and freeware products that follow the EZ philosophy, meaning, that they comply to the following EZ rule:

E = Enterprise ready - this means that you may use them for business use and that they don't have any restrictions that would be acceptable for home usage but not in a provessional environment.

Z = Zero license cost - this means that there are no per user, per workstation, per CPU or whatsoever license cost associated to the usage of this product.

The library consists of more than 100 applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple OS-X. Most of the applications are multi language, however some, specially server side applications are only available in English.

As a member of EZit, you can freely download and use all of these applications and access additional information or even ask for support from this single convinient location, without the need for extensive searches through the Internet. 


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